DIY Concrete Projects: Simple Ideas for Home Improvement

DIY Concrete Projects: Simple Ideas for Home Improvement

DIY Concrete Projects – Simple Ideas For Home Improvement

Sometimes it’s the little home improvement projects that make the biggest impact. Take a closet for instance, by converting it into an office you can get work done in.

Concrete might not be the first crafting material that comes to mind for DIY home decor, but it’s easy enough to mold into stunning decorations that will grab attention. Try these five fun and nifty concrete projects.

1. Light Bulb Wall Hook

There’s nothing that does more to update a room than a fresh coat of paint. It can be one of the most inexpensive DIY home improvement projects you can undertake, too.

A Virginia tinkerer who goes by the name Whamodyne needed stronger wall hooks to hang his heavy winter jackets from so he hollowed out a light bulb and filled it with mortar mix concrete to create this cool DIY coat rack.

It’s a fun little project that will make your guests wonder how you managed to pull it off. It’s also a great way to repurpose old light bulbs that may have been in the trash otherwise. follow the link for more:

2. Concrete Bowls

Concrete can be used to make a range of home decor items that are modern and stylish. This surprisingly versatile crafting material is a great choice for anyone looking to add some flair to their interiors or learn a new skill.

You can turn almost anything into a mold for concrete, including light bulbs! This fun project makes a unique wall hook. It’s also a good way to use up old lightbulbs you were planning on throwing out anyway.

These concrete planters are perfect for holding small succulents and cacti. They’re easy to make and they look very modern. If you’d like to give them a splash of color, try using liquid concrete coloring. This is available in the concrete section of most hardware stores.

3. Concrete Monogram Letters

Create a monogram or an inspirational word using these concrete letter molds. The set includes 26 letters, and you can use the included hooks to hang them on your wall.

While the cement is still soft, insert the brass open end hooks into the bottom of each letter. Press them firmly and ensure the hook is fully seated.

Then mix your concrete, following the instructions on the bag. Once there is no more water left, and the concrete is a consistency similar to a sandy milkshake (it will take 2-3 minutes of mixing), spoon it into each letter mold. Some letters don’t stand up too well (like P and F), but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them – just prop them up against something.

4. Concrete Brooches

Decorative and practical, this concrete votive candle holder is easy to make. You can even use a cardboard box to create the mold. Add lace to the mold and you’ve got yourself some gorgeous DIY home decor!

You don’t have to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot to get these stylish patio pavers with your house numbers – just make them yourself. You only need a plastic bucket, cardboard to create the mold and a few other supplies to pull off this simple concrete project featured on lilyardor.

This cute and functional little concrete necklace would make a perfect gift for the ladies on your holiday shopping list. You can mold these in any bangle style you prefer and decorate with acrylic paint. This is a great project to try with the kids too.

5. Concrete Paperweight

Faux concrete is a good choice for home improvement projects because it offers the look of true concrete but doesn’t have the same weight or mess. Use this type of concrete for a set of picture frame hooks that are easy to make and can hang from a wall.

This swanky concrete paperweight makes a modern addition to a desk or object collection and is also a fun gift for a design-loving friend. The geometric playfulness of the design and cool tactile concrete add to its appeal.

Add a modern touch to any table with these simple DIY concrete coasters. Just use an old pair of boots as a mold, fill them with concrete and remove once the concrete has set. You can even color the concrete for a pop of color and pattern.

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