Meet The Parents: Do’s & Don’ts

Meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend’s family for the first time can be a daunting experience, but it’s better to be prepared and know what you should and shouldn’t do.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you make a good impression:

Do dress nicely

You don’t need to wear a suit and tie, but it’s important to dress neatly and respectfully.

Do be on your best behavior

This is especially important when meeting your girlfriend’s parents. Remember that they are probably very important to her and she will want you to make a good impression on them.

Do be interested in their family

Show an interest in your girlfriend’s family and ask questions about them. This will help you to build a relationship with them.

Family making a toast on dinner table

Don’t be too familiar

It’s important to maintain some boundaries and not be too familiar with your girlfriend’s parents. Be respectful at all times.

Do bring a gift

When meeting family for the first time, it’s nice to bring a small gift with you. This will make your girlfriend’s family like you more and they’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness.

Do be polite

You should always act politely towards family members, especially when meeting them for the first time. Remember that they are family and family values are important to all family members.

Don’t swear

Swearing is never acceptable in front of family, even if it’s from a habit or from being around friends who swear often. If you aren’t used to not swearing then it might be a good idea to practice avoiding bad words in front of family.

Do be positive

You should always present yourself in a positive manner towards family members, even if they might not like you right away. Show them that you have good family values.

Don’t make inappropriate jokes

It’s best not to joke around too much when meeting family, especially if your sense of humor is a little off-color. Jokes can offend family members and this might create tension between all family members present.

Do discuss current events

You don’t want to talk only about family matters, so it might be fun to talk about current events or news. This will give you something in common with family members, besides your girlfriend.

Do stay calm

If family members start to get on your nerves, stay calm and try not to react negatively. Responding in a hostile manner will only make family members dislike you even more.


Meeting your girlfriend’s parents can be a nerve-wracking experience, but if you follow these do’s and don’ts, you’ll make a good impression on them and maybe even begin to build a relationship with them. family values are important to all family members. So, be on your best behavior and show that you have good family values.

Good Luck!

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