Simple Wedding Planning Tips for Scientists

The proposal has been made, the engagement ring is on your finger…but now what? When couples begin planning their weddings, they may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to prioritize. However, with the appropriate guidance, it might be a snap.

Here are our top 17 wedding planning ideas and methods to assist you in planning out your big day.

1. Make A-List

First make a list of all the people you need to inform about the wedding (family, friends, bridal party) and handle the task in an organized manner. 

Arrange this list by importance (who must know first), then start with phone calls or emails.

2. Create A Wedding Budget

Creating a wedding budget is the second most important task when planning a wedding. 

Setting a budget helps you to control your wedding expenses and saves you time and money. 

Be sure to include the costs of all the elements of your wedding in the budget, such as catering, photography, flowers, cake, and invitations.

3. Select Your Wedding Date

Wedding Planning Venue

Start by selecting your wedding date; it is important to pick a date that is convenient for everyone invited. 

If you are having a destination wedding, be sure to take into account the time of year and weather conditions.

4. Select Your Wedding Style

Select your wedding style – classic, romantic, modern, elegant, or fun. This decision will help you determine the colors, theme, and overall tone of your wedding.

5. Prioritize Tasks

Create a rough timeline of your wedding planning process, starting with the earliest required tasks and working your way to the big day.

6. Stay On Track

To stay on track, use a wedding planning calendar to keep track of the deadlines for tasks and costs.

7. Create A Master Guest List

Create a master guest list that includes all your friends and family who are invited. 

This step is crucial to organizing your seating chart, sending invitations, and figuring out how many people can fit into the venue you have chosen.

8. Book Your Venue

Decide on a ceremony and reception venue and book it as soon as possible; popular venues fill up fast.

9. Select Your Vendors

Wedding Planning Tips Caterer

After you have a venue selected, choose your vendors to get quotes and inquire about their availability on your wedding date and select your wedding caterer, and photographer you would like to use for your ceremony, reception, and photos.

10. Send save-the-date cards

 Send invitations to guests around six months before the wedding so they can make travel arrangements and block time off from work, if necessary.

11. Designate A “day-of” Coordinator

On the day of the wedding, have someone designated to take care of last-minute items like flowers, cake, décor, and to help manage the timeline and make sure everything runs smoothly.

12. Transportation

Ensure that you have a plan for transportation to and from the wedding venue for you and your guests.

13. Rehearsal

Before your wedding day arrives, practice walking down the aisle with your photographer.

14. Relax

Give yourself plenty of time to calm down and relax before you walk down the aisle.

15. Cocktail Hour

To have a fun reception, plan activities for guests during cocktail hour so they can mingle and get to know other people in attendance. 

Invite an emcee to keep the entertainment going.

16. Post Wedding Brunch

Organize a post-wedding brunch or party for out-of-town guests so they can spend more time with you and your new spouse.

17. Enjoy married life!

Couple Planning Wedding

Goes by quickly, so take time to relax and bask in all your newlywed glory.

Wedding planning can be a stressful time for many engaged couples, but there are ways to decrease the stress. Keep in mind these 17 essential tips and tricks throughout the process of organizing your big day. With this information, you will have a wonderful wedding that reflects both you and your spouse-to-be personalities!

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