Best Compliments You Can Give

By now, you’ve probably been told that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, however, I’m going to assume that you also follow the saying “If you can’t say something nice, compliment someone else.” Kindness is always important in every form.

If you’re anything like me, then you compliment everyone and anyone on everything all the time; haircuts, outfits, shoes – if it looks cute or makes you feel confident in some way shape, or form, I compliment about it. I compliment complete strangers on the weather, and I compliment my friends on their great cooking skills. The thing is, complimenting someone can make their day. It can make them feel good about themselves, and it can raise their mood. So what’s the most popular compliment you can give someone?

According to a study by The Huffington Post, complimenting someone on their looks is the number one compliment (41%) people like to be given, followed by complimenting someone’s personality (34%) and complimenting someone’s clothes (6%). The least popular compliment was complimenting someone’s home (3%), complimenting someone’s car (2%), and complimenting their job (1%).

Looks & personality

It’s interesting to see that complimenting someone’s looks is the most popular compliment, and it makes sense – we all like to feel pretty, and being complimented on our looks can definitely make our day. However, I was surprised that complimenting someone’s personality was the second most popular compliment – I would have thought that complimenting someone’s looks would have been number one. But, either way, complimenting someone’s personality is definitely a great compliment to give, as it shows that you think they’re interesting, kind, and/or funny.
I made my own research and compiled a list of the top compliments people like to receive and that will make their day.

If you’re looking for a compliment to give someone, try one of these:

  1. You have a really pretty/handsome face.
  2. You’re an interesting person.
  3. You have a great sense of humor.
  4. You’re beautiful/handsome inside and out.
  5. You’re one of a kind.
  6. I love your outfit!
  7. That’s a really cute haircut/hairstyle.
  8. You’re a great friend.
  9. I’m so proud of you.
  10. You are talented at everything you do.
  11. You have the most amazing eyes/smile/hair/etc.
  12. You make me feel happy just by being around you.
  13. I can’t believe how lucky I am to know you.
  14. You’re always there for me when I need you.
  15. You are the most amazing person I have ever met.
  16. You are precious to me.
  17. You’re one of a kind, and I love that about you.
  18. I love your smile.
  19. I’m grateful to have you in my life.
  20. I think you’re amazing, and I really mean that.

Pay attention to detail

Pay attention to detail for example if your friend got a new hairstyle or got their nails done compliment them. Especially if they got it done for you, compliment them even more because that’s what people like to hear.
Most important compliment your spouse, research has found that complimenting your spouse on a daily basis can help increase relationship satisfaction and closeness. Sometimes we become content and forget how amazing our spouse is. That makes complimenting him or her even more important. That goes the same for close family members.

Compliment a friend

If your friend made some cupcakes and told you about it compliment their baking skills and the cupcakes themselves.
No matter what compliment you give, make sure it’s genuine and from the heart. People can tell when you’re not being honest, and they won’t appreciate it if you compliment them just to be polite. So find something that you mean, spread as much joy as possible, It’s a great way to make people feel good about themselves and compliment away! It’ll make someone’s day.

least popular

Complimenting someone’s job is the least popular because people might not like their job. But you can always say something like “I’m glad you’re doing what you love” to make them feel better. If someone knows that you are complimenting their hard work or how much effort they put into something then it has a positive impact.


The compliment you give is important because it can make someone’s day or change their mood. The compliment should be genuine and specific to the person, but always positive! Make sure your compliment comes from a place of truth rather than an obligation. There are unlimited possibilities when giving out compliments, so experiment until you find what works best with different people.

What is the most popular compliment you give to your friends?
What is your favorite compliment you have received?
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